Fashion Up’s principle is up-cycling as a green lane for artisanal self-entrepreneurship and professional training in the tailoring fashion sector, through the valorisation of creativity and entrepreneurial attitudes in line with the latest sustainable economic trends in fashion.

Casa das Artes e Ofícios

Casa das Artes

Casa das Artes e Ofícios is a project that aims to promote a more circular and regenerative municipality. The main objective is to bring together various local partners to work in the areas of circular economy and sharing, catering for different audiences and encouraging ecological thinking and action, collaboration and coexistence between generations.

Upcycling Workshop – Câmara Municipal de Oeiras

Implementation of upcycling workshops propose to transmit their principles and techniques in a theoretical-practical format so that participants can acquire new skills and knowledge (focused on textiles and furniture)


Creation of digital platform to foster networking among environmental civil society organisations in Portugal.


In order to foster repair, this project developed several activities: Repair Café events, a survey on repair, mapping of repairers in the municipality of Cascais and the creation of a website.


Textile upcycling workshops. Participants bring unwanted items and transform them into something new with the help of talented seamstresses and designers.

Bazar Circular

Project aimed at boosting upcycling practices in the Lisbon region. Secondary raw material sources and upcyclers have been identified and mapped.


Implementation of the “Circular Economy Pole of Campo de Ourique – PECCO”, a space hosting a multipurpose workshop, a library of tools and a clothing exchange point.