Vision and mission

CEP promotes the transition to a circular economy in Portugal, specifically by sharing knowledge and developing projects about waste prevention, reuse and repair. All our projects are based on social innovation and collaborative action. Furthermore, we support and inspire public and private entities with the implementation of circular principles in practice. This way we contribute to a society without waste, while creating value for society and the environment.

This way we contribute to a society without waste, while creating value for society and the environment. The transition to a circular economy is a systemic change:

  • from waste to recovery
  • from fossil to renewable
  • from planned obsolescence to eco-design
  • from landfill/incineration to reuse
  • from exclusion to sharing
  • from global to local markets
  • from monoculture to (bio)diversity
  • from theory to action!

The only way out of the socio-environmental crisis is a paradigm shift


CEP´s interdisciplinary team is composed of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in the field of circular economy, sustainability and project management.

Special Members

Giovana Barbieri | Project Manager Circular Way to Inclusion | [email protected] 

Rafael Calado | Repair Café Coordinator

Catarina Leitão | Chair of the GA Board

Nathalia Gaiarim | Vice-President of the GA Board

Roberta Faria | Secretary of the GA Board

Laura Freitas | Member 2

Luisa Marques | Supervisory Board

Paula Oliveira | Supervisory Board

Marta Alegre | Supervisory Board

Advisory board

Ana Carvalho | Institute Superior Técnico

Andreia Barbosa | Humana | [email protected] 

António Lorena | 3Drivers

Artur Patuleia | E3G

Cristina Rocha | LNEG

Inês Costa | Ex Sec. Estado Ambiente (XXII Gov.)


CEP is a network of experienced professionals who share the same vision for a circular and inclusive economy. By joining forces we can achieve more impact! If you are interested in joining our network, and from time to time also contribute as a volunteer, please fill out this form.

We are looking for professionals (particularly environmental engineers) with at least 5 years of experience in the field of sustainability. We are not able to respond personally to all submissions, but we will keep your details and contact you in case collaboration opportunities arise.

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, users may at any time access, modify, or delete the information provided. For that purpose, please contact us.

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Support Us

The more support we have, the more we can do in the transition to a circular economy in Portugal! If you want to support our mission, you can:

Make a donation
Become an individual member of CEP (annual fee 20 EUR)
• Join CEP as a company or organisation. Different membership fees apply, depending on the organisation´s size. Please contact us.

European Networks we belong to

Zero Waste Europe

Zero Waste Europe (ZWE) is the European network of communities, local leaders, experts, and change agents working towards a better use of resources and the elimination of waste in our society. They advocate for sustainable systems; for the redesign of our relationship with resources; and for a global shift towards environmental justice, accelerating a just transition towards zero waste for the benefit of people and the planet.


Environmental Coalition on Standards (ECOS), is an international NGO with a network of members and experts advocating for environmentally friendly technical standards, policies, and laws. Headquartered in Brussels, and with a regional office in Nairobi, we are active across the world.

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